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Today we meet in December  It is regarded as the best from the start.  

with the month of Kaeng festival like this  ><  During this time, the places to take photos should be very busy.  

which our content today says  This is my first contact lens review.  of the nut that has it all  

I'm excited as well.  Don't wait to waste your time, it's better to go and see.


For this contact lens, I can tell that all my friends must know each other for sure.

Because the size of the nut started to wear from this brand, the first brand Until now with contact lenses of  Prettydoll itself.
And today, Nut has chosen all of Nut's favorite contact lenses.
  4  type

Plus, try to create a fun look to match with each model of contact lens.  Just thinking about it is fun.


and this is both  4  The model that Nut chose  Each pattern will give a different look. 

But I admit that our contact lenses  is  clear color  Really beautiful 

Most importantly, it's easy to wear and doesn't irritate the eyes because his contact lenses are very soft. 


which for short-sighted girls in the brand, they have eye values to choose from as well 

I'm sure that it's beautiful.   And now let's go see both  4  Luke  Let's do better  How will it be?  Follow me  


Look 1 | Follow me - Brown


For the first couple  will be a model  Follow me  This version will be brown.  and  grey  which the nut chose brown

Suitable for casual or casual wear.  Everyday look  I can do it  Any kind of make-up and dress go together perfectly.


Look 2 | LITTLE DOLCE - Brown   

The second one will be the model  Little Dolce  Yes  This version will have a brown color.  and  grey  which the nut chooses, choose brown as usual

For this nut, whether it is suitable for a sweet girl model or wanting to put on a cute make-up. 

This one is so cute.  Put it on and look at the child's face again.


Look 3 | Glamor - Gray

Later on, the third pair is better.  This will be the model  Glamor  I like this one a lot.  I love you so much  will be brown  with  grey  Yes   

This model Nut chose gray color.  Make the look look a bit darker.  but clear and very beautiful  Suitable for eyes that are not too big. 

Plus look natural with girls who are  Sai Fo  You might like this model. 


Look 4 | Bride Too - Brown


Let's come to the last one. For this one will be the model.  Bride Too  Yes  This one is the same as before.  There are two colors  sugar  with  grey 

This couple also liked the blonde from the third couple.  beautiful color  Give the most Korean look  add sweetness to  10/10  at all 


How are you doing?  Which pair do you like?  I must say that they are all really beautiful.  for anyone who likes 

I can try to buy it.  with  Prettydoll guarantees that they will definitely like each other.


But I would like to leave all my friends that If you choose to wear contact lenses 
matter of cleanliness
  eye comfort  Must come first. 

Today, Natsu has to say goodbye.  Anyway, see you next blog.  Bye bye  ^^  


Link : https://nutfahs.blogspot.com/2018/12/5-prettydoll.html

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