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Hello Mon has arrived.

Oh ..who wants to... I ask you to raise your hand. 

Mon comes with a look that everyone wants to wear according to Kylie Jenner's look.


In addition to the look that must be dressed up, Mon also has 5 pairs of contact lenses that every woman must have. Let's review. 

Inspiration is this look.  Cr. IG Kylie Jenner
Mon took it to adapt to himself a bit.


Mon believes that girls Many people who want to They always have the same problem, that is, no matter how you wear them, they won't freeze.  After finishing it up, it's still not the end. Today Mon has a helper that will make it very, very, very foggy for you.

that is  Prettydoll contact lenses.


Familiar faces well. for this camp I see Mon wearing them often too. For Prettydoll Lenses, they have been with Thai women for a very long time. Because they are top quality contact lenses.  Safe, imported from Korea.  There are many designs to choose from. Besides Sai Fo, there is also a beautiful line. Kao Sai. He was the first person to import Big Eye. Besides that He also has eyelashes under the name Prettylash. 


2. Begin Gray Gray, Jewel 3 Tone , gray gradation with small brown spots on the inside, can wear 3 colors of eyes, bright follicles, smooth.  spell all eyes


3. Secret eye Brown, light brown, puffy edges, you can wear it. People with dark eyes like Mon will see the pattern clearly. For those who have brown eyes, will wear it out more softly, very beautiful, beautiful in different ways. 


4. Erdem Gray. I want to flip my look. I'm heartbroken. Mon likes this pair very much. Look closely. Clear pattern. Gray, blue, white, contrasting colors. But when you look at it from a distance, it's very foggy. The pattern is beautiful, looks good, looks expensive, looks confident, doesn't deceive, doesn't look like a ghost's eye. 


5. Florida Gray , another pair of grays with gradation I can tell you this version. It's the model that Mon likes very much. It's very beautiful. It's not a normal gray color, but it's like 3 colors mixed together in it. Make the most of your stop at Florida Gray. 


In fact, just choose  5 pairs 
But this couple dominates Mon's heart very much. I secretly wear it often and believe that girls Many people fell in love with this couple.
  Little Pony Brown. Any day you want a dream that looks sweet. Let's get it. No need to wait. You can decorate it every day. No need to think too much.


And besides the beautiful lens, he also has the very famous Pretty Lash eyelashes, which are natural looking eyelashes like look. Today Mon chooses PR15 number and ends with a lipstick from Season Matte Lipstick.

And this is the follicle contact lens that you should have with Mon. There are many follicles, many follicles, natural follicles, follicles for look, fouling foals, or sweet foals. Prettydoll has all flavors to choose from. Mon wear it and like it and guarantee the clarity and comfort of the lens. Fo has put all my heart into it and it's definitely great!! 


Getting beautiful lenses at a low price, don't forget to keep your eyes and contact lenses clean as well. For today, Mon would like to say goodbye. Hello.

LINK :https://www.jeban.com/topic/263069

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