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Easy to play. Give away quickly. The rule is just crop the face to find the bottle.  #PrettyDoll  Green cap, pair (must be cropped for two bottles only) and send a picture along with saying "Who would you like to say you love the most on this Valentine's Day?" Who did the right thing and the reason that resonated with us the most? Get a #PrettyDoll contact lens with green cap for free. This game gives away 20 prizes as usual. 
And don't forget to send us your name and shipping address. Come in the comments because we immediately liked We will deliver immediately. Fast delivery Get it in time for this Valentine's Day.

PS. For anyone who wants to join the event but doesn't have #PrettyDoll contact lenses or fake eyelashes from #PrettyDoll. #PrettyLashes You can add Line to order products with us or come to find a dealer near your home here.
  http://line.me/ti/p/@prettylens  or Line @prettylens 

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