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Beautiful. You can order according to your birthday with Pretty.  Dolls  By  Pussy 

people born on monday

Girl Chan, the diligent, diligent, energetic child. Entering the elders, they are all affectionate, affectionate and should know about the strengths that come out according to the times.

Girl or boy born today  Often wanting a stable career She and he always have long plans for the future. using imagination came to help because people born today have a good head of art

Financially, with due diligence, covering incoming income and outgoing expenses is rarely a problem. because not following the trend  Able to manage well Career, if not government service, should find opportunities to enter a large stable organization. Wherever it is, it will last a long time. People born today are not suitable for investment. A business with a high voice.


In love, it's not surprising that Monday girls Imaginative people are attracted to good-humoured young people who come with unique jokes.  When that young man is not a soft, dim taew, but must have a strong personality. ready to make you feel the protector you can touch It takes a while for any young man to date her to the point of falling out of the crater. Because she is curious, observant (to the level of suspicion), therefore jealousy is questioning. Her may make that young man dread, she too, because she likes stability, often plans far into the future. Spouses are usually uniformed, doctors, academics, mature enough to accommodate some of her moods.

  • Focus on work, business, contact, negotiate .......... Contact lenses will be Enhance your luck for real success  With a secret that I don't tell anyone, try to wear  Secret Eye Brown will enhance that highlight.

  • approaching the elders to rely on  Ask for help, focus on kindness, find someone to promote …. Recommend Secret Eye. Guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

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