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Beautiful. You can order according to your birthday with Pretty.  Dolls  By  Pussy 

who was born on saturday

Today's girl, she's smart.  Observant, mature and responsible have a beautiful dream If by chance it looks good, it will look beautiful but naughty.  Impatient, dating someone who is honest and sincere. There are two emotions mixed together. Sometimes it's cold and sweet. Sometimes it's blunt.  frankly

Work, finance, you who like change, use your brain, don't like simple life.  stationary Has a trade head and does a good job too. no problem wading hard like a man In addition, he is also an executive, businessman, art designer. Catching anything usually turns out to be gold.


In terms of love, your love tends to happen suddenly. There was an unexpected marriage opportunity. Or it could be due to family pressure. Saturday women, although some are not beautiful but looks like a queen With whom you will be able to keep the nitty gritty. be sensitive Measure people who do more than words. Your man is usually an adult. Leadership is not raving. must not be greedy high responsibility Work as a marketer, civil servant, bank, captain of a plane, police, doctor, what you should reduce is self-willed.

energetic girl Often achieve success through their own abilities. often travel Both work and travel …………………. Contact lenses  Dearest Gray  both work and enjoy

  • When you want to be charming, seductive, seductive, make an impression, lead to love……..light brown contact lenses  Must be Dearest Brown, broken heart model, Chai Ta Prue (Chao Kram)

Choose a beautiful pair of contact lenses for your birthday.  order click  at all

PS. For anyone who wants to join the event but doesn't have #PrettyDoll contact lenses or false eyelashes from #PrettyDoll. #PrettyLashes You can add Line to order products with us or come to find a dealer near your home here. 
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