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Beautiful. You can order according to your birthday with Pretty.  Dolls  By  Pussy 

Choose a beautiful pair of contact lenses for your birthday.  order click  at all


A girl who is impatient, quick, temperamental. Many people like to study, interested in science, mystery, destiny, often smart. progressive thinking I like to develop myself all the time.

in the field of finance sunday girl often in need of a supporter Sponsorship helps to advance financially. Suitable for being close to adults or as a work in the word art, secretary, public relations. Mother's work  Playing loans, those who like to take risks are suitable for today's people.  

In love, you always try to win. with the person you think will rob or take over your heart Always have to compete, compete, love with others. View love as something that must be fought or traded.  I like men who are soft, not arrogant, harsh.

Those born on this day are good. But if you want to enhance the fortune, fortune, progress, kind adults, only need light colored contact lenses, try this model first, Glamor Gray, trust the pussy.

PS. For anyone who wants to join the event but doesn't have #PrettyDoll contact lenses or false eyelashes from #PrettyDoll. #PrettyLashes You can add Line to order products with us or come to find a dealer near your home here. 
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