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Beautiful. You can order according to your birthday with Pretty.  Dolls  By  Pussy 

those born on thursday

You are a girl with 2 confidence "confident  secure"  Plus it's naturally sexy.  Don't bother your ears or your eyes, people around you will feel the warmth and power.  I'm so envious of people born today.

Tough, tough, tough, if limited by the personality of a Thursday girl. Add the word perseverance in order to complete the machine. You tolerate exhaustion but are often fragile with feelings of exhaustion. You have good human relations. Get along with people, no problem. The thing to be careful is that sometimes it will be light-headed. a little paranoid  It would be nice to reduce the nagging nagging a bit.

in the field of finance Today's girls often start everything by self-learning Therefore becoming a strong person in the end, learn quickly, memorize, remember, accumulated learning will make her successful in work. have a technical aptitude Cooking is delicious If working in education Coordinating people will stand out. or go to independent trade Investing in the opening of the business will go well. If going to serve as a person who is not flattering relying on the work alone won't go so fast

On the love front, you're someone who needs confidence, trust, and warmth, but at times lacks communication during the emotional phase. Therefore, there are often misunderstandings.  You need a leader who can defeat you. like thoughtful people more mature than you Your partner must be observant.  your delicate feelings He often pursues a career as an executive, a businessman, a self-employed worker. civil servants in uniform

In love, the girl was born today. often get a husband to take care of comfortably to sit and eat and eat happily because of extra luck very special husband You are a man of many tastes of love, some sweet, sometimes spicy, sour, bitter. Your dream man is a talent, stand out, rather than a standpoint. He's a man with a biting mouth, kicking feet, patience, a leader, a gangster heart, what you want from him is just asking. honor

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