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Beautiful. You can order according to your birthday with Pretty.  Dolls  By  Pussy 

person born on tuesday

You are charming, hot, powerful personality. influence people both consciously and unconsciously You should promote yourself to stand out. work and love, which people born today can choose to play  

Martian girl, knowledgeable, talkative  But it's not like a parrot, bird-ying. She reads a lot, studies a lot, asks a lot, so don't mess around with a girl born today. she is straight forward Can't speak, jajaja  Straight to the point, so don't waste your time. resolute, enterprising She is lucky in investment. which must be at risk


work  She is an iron woman, tough, fighting her job, not losing to a real man. leadership Good at academic work, teacher, teacher, advisor  Mars girls go well with research, academics, government service, even at a high level, being a well-informed person. Studying the information is not strange if a girl born today goes to play speculation. will not be bankrupt She is a girl who has the criteria to travel long distances, whether it is studying or working.  

love  Even as stubborn as a stubborn horse But if any young man can Subdue her and you will be impressed by her. and she will bury her heart with that man However, there is always luck that drives them apart. Destiny always dictates that there is love to choose from at the same time.

  • Stable, empowering, showing power.......... contact lenses spell power  Bride Too   Gray  Stable, confident, ready to overcome all obstacles 

  • emotion of love  Attractively attractive ........  Bride Too Brown Contact Lenses  This model does not miss the target, can be trusted.

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