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[HOW TO] A total of 3 looks for tanning makeup for beginners | Makeup is my buddy.


Hello, today Mepa comes with  how to  3 tan makeup looks for beginners  girls learning makeup It's not difficult to follow. For those who have already put on makeup Let's take a look at the technique. For today, there are from clear looks to hot looks. Let's see what looks are better.


LOOK 1  Makeup for tanned skin 


"look 1 clear makeup, gold tone, pink"

Before starting to make up, it is recommended to wear contact lenses before starting to make up. If you put it behind your eyes, it may get dirty. and may get dirty when wearing it.. For the contact lenses that Mepa chooses today is  contact lens  Pretty Doll  color  Twisty 3 tone Brown  which is a very natural color It looks beautiful with our look. And most importantly, the price is cute. The lenses are soft and comfortable to wear.


Let's get started with makeup...

This look is a honey skin look. It's not yet a replacement for Jeejat... So I use my real skin color. but on a dark foundation  by getting down from the face and cutting it to the neck Then dust off the normal powder. For those who have oily skin You can go buy a dark foundation to mix with your own oil-control foundation.


Let's start with the contact lens that millet is wearing in this look of Prettydoll little pure brown model, the size is similar to normal eyes. It doesn't irritate or hurt the eyes at all. The lens is very soft, my eyes are dazzling.

As for eye makeup, only 2 colors of eyeshadow are used.  From the IMAGIC palette, drive all over the upper and lower lids, blending the fringes, then using drama eyeshadow to select the socket and apply it in the center of the lower lash line. Next, highlight The Balm on the inner corner of the eye.  


In this look, we will create a natural eye look. First, I use Artistry's dark brown eyeshadow on the lash line, apply mascara, apply false eyelashes, and then use a pencil eyeliner brush. Then bring the eye rolling on the area above the false eyelashes. and more in- Apply a pink blush to your liking, and finish off with a pink lip from the Nars Audacious lipstick palette.

LOOK  2  tan makeup  Sai dream. Yummy.


"Tan skin, red lips, yummy"

This kind of work is indispensable.  Pretty Doll contact lens, winter gray  gray contact lenses Put it in and it's a smooth dream.


This look we will be spicy. Our lips are red..  Therefore, I want to have a replacement to the next level. So I used Tanthana's brown tan to instantly change my look. For this look, the foundation used is L'oreal foundation in G7, as usual. Additionally, I used Artistry's dark concealer to contour the bottom of the nose, under the cheekbones, on the face and on the forehead to add dimension to the face.


As for eye makeup, use scorched color from Naked Heat to be applied all over the eyelid. Then add color weight to the upper and lower lashes with ember color. Then use eyeshadow to blend the edge of the eyeliner again, curl the lashes, apply mascara, apply false eyelashes, re-apply eyeliner to sharpen the eyes, then contour the nose, under the cheekbones, and outline the face.


As for the mouth Use lip liner to apply around the mouth first. Next, apply the purple color from the Nars Audacious lipstick palette on the edge of the lips, leaving the center. Finished off with red from the original palette. Fill in the center of the mouth and blend the color together with a lip brush.


LOOK 3  tan makeup  metallic tone  Metallic


For this look, Mepa will use Pretty Doll contact lenses.  color  Alberta Gray is my favorite color contact lens. Suitable for full makeup It's a color that makes eye makeup fun. Because no matter how much you hit, your eyes won't be fierce... 





About This Look!

As someone who likes colored skin So I decided to do 3 tanned skin looks, which I personally like when my makeup comes out and it looks cool :p


Done. For How To, make up for tanned skin, 3 looks, which look do you guys like? So if anyone has any further questions, feel free to comment. See you again HOW TO page. Hello... ^^  

LINK :  https://www.jeban.com/topic/265663

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