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How to : Makeup for December At the end of this year, let's have a very kawaii look.


Hello all you lovely Jiban girls.

Snowwyprae  The same Prae is back today.

It's almost the end of the year now. So I want to make a how-to-look of a cute and tame girl.

Give it a little bit of winter  (Even though it's not cold at all, hahaha)

So I want to make up to look like a Japanese girl. sparkling big eyes  

Brand presenter mood  Majolica 


Well, let's just go and have a look.

First, let's wear contact lenses.

With the desire for Luke to come out a little prettier.

So I choose to wear a big eye.

today put things  Pretty Doll  model  Damier brown  

dia. 14.5  The site is bigger than the real eyes.

Brown, not too light, not too dark.


This picture is the eye before wearing contact lenses.


Eyes after wearing contact lenses.  

It was clearly very different.

This look, contact lenses really change my life. Haha.


First, let's prepare makeup.  

In the picture is the cosmetics that Prae will use to make how to do this time.  

Girls can take it and modify it accordingly.


Let's start with the fresh face first.  

In this picture, Prae has already put in contact lenses.

Fresh face. Many people may have seen it often. that face is very bald 555

But that's okay because makeup can help us haha.


Today I will do makeup in Japanese tones. So Prae chooses to use cushion instead of foundation.

Because it will give a natural skin feel, lusciousness, and lightness than heavy foundations.

Today I use Mamonde's cushion.


Hey, seeing this picture, many people may be shocked. 
Because Prae is a very white person. put some foundation plus a bald face 
It will come out funny like this picture haha.


Please use a concealer to cover the dark circles under the eyes a little.  

I cut it diagonally as in the picture. And don't forget to spread it evenly.


Well, the skin care is done. may look bald

We went to solve the bald face problem. by contouring the face in the next step


I managed to find a dark foundation. Or you can use a powder shade.

In the form of a pear, use a creamy texture. It goes down the line in the picture.


When finished, come to Blaine.


Contour, what's blended already? face has a shadow What dimensions are coming up?​


Let's write eyebrows.

Today, Prae will choose to use a brown eyebrow pencil. to make the face look more smooth

Today's eyebrows, Prae tries to be more gentle (usually writing hard all the time, haha).

Because I want him to look natural, thin and cloudy.


When you're done, you'll get the shape of your eyebrows for today's look like this.


Who likes puffy eyebrows? I can take mascara brush eyebrows. Come and brush around the head of the eyebrows. will give a more natural feel


Use a powder shade for contouring the bridge of the nose.
don't be heavy

I saw it as a slightly raised nose and it was passed.


Yay! Prepare your face, facial dimensions, and eyebrows.
I went to make up and add color.


Today I picked up Urbandecay's Naked Cherry palette.

  The colors used are only 4 colors. 


First, I managed to apply color 01 on the corners of the eyes and under the eyes. Use a brush to help the color diffuse.

Followed by color 02 applied in the middle of the eyelid. and the middle of the edge under the lower eye

Color 03 Apply a small amount to the tip of the eye. Blend it up to make the eyes look sharper.

Finally, I used the shade 04, white pearl with a sparkle to paint on the corners of the eyes. to make my eyes shine 


false eyelashes today Prae chose to use black eyelashes that were a bit long and curly.

It will make your eyes look absolutely gorgeous.
Prae uses the eyelashes of Pretty Lashes PR20.


Small eye slits are enough to be a ceremony, and as soon as the eyelashes are attached, the cuteness comes.


It has started. This cuteness. Haha.


Let's brush the blush on to make your face pinkish better. otherwise your face will turn pale

Prae chose a light pink color. to look natural  

And it will match the tone of the eye shadow color as well. 


It's finally here. Let's apply lipstick.
Choose pink today. This one belongs to the brand.  season Matte lipstick
color number  S11
It's a matte lipstick.


with the desire to make the look as smooth as possible So I want to apply the lipstick smoothly.

  First, tap a little bit of lipstick on the mouth. Then use your fingers to spread evenly over the mouth. Let the lips be a light pink first layer. Then gently apply the lip on the inner lip.

  It's finished. 


Taedan finished our look today.  

Bang bang with the power  


How are you doing with this look? It is a soft pink tone.  

Can be used for many occasions  


I hope this post will be adjusted to your friends. Let's go get dressed together.

  What look will you be wearing next time? Don't forget to follow

  Goodbye today, goodbye.

LINK :  https://www.jeban.com/topic/265798

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