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Pretty doll has beautiful eyes.  Just upload a picture and have a chance to win 5000 baht for free!!

See you again with fun activities at  #PrettyDoll  Let's do it again with the #Pretty Doll Sake Beautiful Eyes event. Let me tell you, this event, just upload a picture and get it right away and have the right to receive 2 luck immediately.
❤️ First-class luck, just you upload a picture. Get contact lenses #PrettyDoll + false eyelashes
 #PrettyLashes  Go for free without having to win.
❤️ second grade luck 20 pictures that were selected, the winner of the vote received the prize money immediately 5000 baht
The rules to join in the fun are very simple, just
1. Send a picture of Before-After wearing #PrettyDoll's contact lenses under the comment of the event post (this post).
 #PrettyDoll green cap  Along with telling the name of the contact lens model that you wear in the picture as well. If you don't do it, it's against the rules. (Start receiving photos from this moment until February 19th at 2 PM.)

2.Admin will choose the picture that is most resonating 20 photos from the comment under the event post. Let's upload it in the album to open it for others to come and help vote.

3. Open to start voting on February 20 and will close the vote at 2 PM on February 26 by 1like = 1vote only.

4. The winner will be announced on February 27th at 2pm. The winner will be measured from the person who got the most likes.

5.For convenience and not fall All participants must report back to Line @prettylens to claim their prizes by informing their name/phone number/address for delivery. Come by the 28th February before 2 PM because we will deliver the prize within 1 March. 
The rules are not difficult at all, right? ^^ Easy to play like this, don't miss it. because you just upload a picture showing your beautiful eyes You get rewards immediately without having to win at all. And most importantly!! You also have the right to receive a prize money of 5000 baht. Simple activities like this can't be played anymore.


PS. For anyone who wants to join the event but doesn't have #PrettyDoll contact lenses or fake eyelashes from #PrettyDoll. #PrettyLashes You can add Line to order products with us or come to find a dealer near your home here.
  http://line.me/ti/p/@prettylens  or Line @prettylens 

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