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review  3  Look for a job with contact lenses.  Pretty doll


Hello everyone!

After Fang has been away from contact lens reviews for a long time. Today, Fang took used contact lenses and liked. Used to make up in the look, apply for a job 3  Style for girls who are not thinking about how to apply makeup to apply for a job. How to dress according to the field we are applying for So the straw took brand contact lenses  Pretty doll  Let's leave.


For myself, I just used this brand of contact lenses for the first time. The colors and patterns that Straw has chosen are all available.  3  Color, which many celebrities, pretty and beauty bloggers like to wear together. Plus, he also said that it's comfortable to wear, doesn't hurt the eyes, and it's available in a variety of colors, patterns, and values. And there is no eye value as well.


contact lens bottle He was designed to be cute. and has a tight lid Looks clean and nice to use which the colors that Fang chooses to use to make up in this job application look are all  3  color  3  pattern as follows


The first color is  Molly : Gray  which this color will be gray Gives a feeling to the girl of Sai F.  Yes, the contactor is the size of the real eyeball. For this look, it is suitable for applying for a job at a company that is not very formal. look like a modern girl It's very enthusiasm.


Add a little more formality with contact lenses  Pure : Brown  Brown tones are the softest among all contact lenses. which this model is slightly larger than the eyes It gives the feeling of a sweet and neat office lady, a little bit like a bank employee. to become more mature


The last look is the model.  Pure : Gray  It's a very formal and mature look. with a gray contact with a black eye and the size of contact lenses that are not too small, not too big plus light brown eye makeup thus giving a feeling of credibility Just like a receptionist girl.

How are you for the great review that Fang has brought today? I hope it's a simple makeup look that you can follow. and contact lenses from  Pretty doll  It is considered another option for everyone.


Anyway, Fang had to say goodbye. And see you in the next article.


LINK :  https://www.cosmenet.in.th/community/?PAGE_NAME=read&FID=34&TID=30545#message327054

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