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Let's start with the first pattern of Pretty Doll, Adele pattern, gray. This pattern is anyone who wants to decorate the dream line. Must wear. Wear it and it will change our look. Or anyone who likes Korean style but wants to make up for a pony mood, this pattern is very suitable. Then we may choose to put on a pair of great eyelashes like in Pretty Lashes Pop Eye No. PR07 to make my look pop.

Let's join together with Pretty Doll's 2nd pattern, Finale pattern, brown. This model, Popeye likes both gray and brown. But if anyone wants a very dreamy look, I recommend the gray color. But if you want a softer look, you can wear it to college, it's brown. But if you want to wear it to an event, I recommend you to put on a pair of false eyelashes, it can be beautiful and go to the event in the form of Pretty Lashes, number PR19.

The next pair of Pretty Doll, Bride Too pattern, brown. This pattern can tell you that the pattern is very clear. The more grey, the more delicious it is. Next time Popeye will gradually come to show you again. This pattern is suitable for wearing to a sour night out or wearing it to dress up by the old man and make up.  But the pop eye look, try to make it look neutral and add light lashes, you can wear it for a daytime event. Eyelashes in the shape of Pretty Lashes, number PR09J.

The last of Pretty Doll, Shilla pattern, brown, this pattern came out beautifully. Can be worn on general days such as going to the mall, going to dinner without having to put a lot of makeup on. Or if you want to apply eyelashes with a lighter, natural look, I recommend this pair of Pretty Lashes, number PR03J.

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