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hello friend Let's meet with Minnie again.

Today, Minnie will review the Pretty Doll contact lenses, the model that Minnie likes.

Each pair is beautiful to wear and looks great.


Minnie is usually the person who wears colored contact lenses.

Because it can help change our look at all.

Let's take a look at what we have.


Let's start with the first one.

  1. ERDEM Gray  - This model is not much bigger than the eyes. It's good. It's a model that I like very much. gray contact lenses  

  With natural patterns, gray, green, bordered, but not too clear.

  After wearing it, my sister said she thought of Megan Fox's eyes.


2.ERDEM Brown  - This model is the same as the one in the review above, but it is brown contact lenses. is wearing it and really like it until having to pick up a review 

I wouldn't say that this one is brown at all. There is another green play with hazel eyes. Who likes green browns? This must be worth


3.  Memory Gray -  This model is a contact lens that is the same size as your eyes. Emphasis on naturalness The edges are not too cloudy, look noisy.

  very similar to guava eyes After wearing it, I feel like changing my look. Don't miss this one.


4. Little Cosmo Gray  - This model is gray contact lenses. with brown edge is quite clear Actually the lens is not that big. But because the pattern is clear, it makes the eyes look bigger.

Who likes gray that is not very light, this one is ok.


5.Fairytale Brown  -  Another brown contact lens model. This one is a big eye size. 

Overall, this one has a brown color with a cloudy edge. Wear it and it looks sweet.

  Appease girls who like a pretty look like a perverted cat's eyes. Wear like this. My boyfriend will like it.


What is your favorite contact lens for the review?


If anyone has other beautiful contact lenses, please comment and tell me. Minnie is going to try some.


Let's leave today. Bye bye.

Link : https://www.jeban.com/topic/265188

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