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Hello everyone Today, Nick has a great contact lens pattern. Wear it and it's very born. Let's review it again. This time it's a lens from  Pretty Doll  Yes, the lenses are soft, comfortable, fit your eyes. Let's see if there are any patterns that you like.


start at  Pretty Doll Winter Brown  Brown with sweet patterns on the inside, faded edges, very smooth to wear with the eyes.


Pretty Doll Winter Gray  Beautiful gray pattern that is worn and looks sharp, the face looks clear, looks sharper


Pretty Doll Begin Brown  Another pair of smooth browns, no borders, I like them very much, they look like real eyes.


Pretty Doll Begin Gray  Gray without borders. Cloudy. It doesn't look flashy. Wear it and look bright.


Pretty Doll Alberta Brown  This brown looks like a Korean girl from a distance. He looked like he was born with brown eyes.


Pretty Doll Damier Brown  Wearing this pattern, it looks very cute, looks big and cute.


Pretty Doll Damier Gray  Really big eyes when wearing it, looks very sweet.


Pretty Doll Puffy Brown  Light brown. Look at the bright face.


Pretty Doll Puffy Gray  Look sexy, Norty, Bitchie, 555. This pattern can be worn in many looks. Can wear every day

Continue with the overview. Take note. Which pair do you want?

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