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How to take a selfie to get into your eyes (when  1)   By Chiamsa Pasuay

Pussy starts "selfie"  For the first time in my life as a child is to reverse the camera facing itself and believed that at that time Many people have done that.  Or if you want to take a picture of yourself with your pussy facing the mirror?  Take aim to make the pussy face and the desired body proportions should appear in the desired image.

                When it comes to the first mobile phones that doesn't have a front camera Many people still use traditional methods. as already mentioned take selfies as well As for this era, it's easy, all mobile phones have a front camera to take close-up photos, far away selfies, beautiful because there are 2 front lenses.

                Suddenly taking a selfie that makes sense enough that people will appreciate it. To give a like with willingness is not to lift and press it. It requires a lot of thinking. As I take selfies until my face peels Main deposit to you Stick to the brain for a bit, including

“Posing with knowledge (beautiful)”

Every dog in my house has a beautiful or handsome angle. Look straight, tilted, sideways, different in front of you as well. Try to take a photo, try to observe, try to ask, try to see the number of likes (assembly, but don't believe it too much).


One, you will know your birth angle like a little press, a little spoon, a little left, a little right, the figure will come out nice.

two  Dimensions will occur. Observe when taking photos with ID cards. or the toddlers (meaning newbies learning to hold a camera It doesn't mean young children who like to poop on their pants. ) Hundred percent take photos of friends, take selfies, and take pictures of dogs and cats, only with straight faces.

Things you should know   :  Raise the camera to play a selfie, press the angle Will focus on the eyes, which means that they will grow up and stand out The size of the nose will look smaller (not suitable for Noose Udom because it will lose its identity), those with big jaws have to turn to this kind of photoshoot.

Third , our face is not balanced. ancient greek sculpture or Buddha statue Measures both vertically, horizontally, sideways and asymmetrically, meaning neither balance  and Symmetry 

Four reasons why the angle is not popular  because the nose will bloom Seeing holes or hair on the nose, big chin, wide jaw, narrow forehead, except for fun shooting, looking for strange angles, is a friend of Mr. Odds (Odds).

Today I leave one big item and another 4 small items. Enough, I will hurry to wash my pussy.


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